Get Involved

Hate is a virus

Cultivate Change

Help cultivate change in your community and join us in the fight against hate. Advocacy takes time, and we want to bring everyone to the table.

Tiers of Support

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Be an Ally

An Ally is an organization or individual who generally supports the goals of Hate-Free Together and is interested in learning about the initiative, attending events or getting updates.

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Be a Collaborator

A Collaborator is an organization or individual who enthusiastically supports Hate-Free Together and is proactively marketing, advocating and sharing information about the initiative with the local or greater community.

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Be a Partner

A Partner is a local leader in the community and will provide financial support, contribute staff assistance and/or organize community events. Partners may be included in the Executive Committee.

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The Founders

The Founders of Hate-Free Together are the City of Davis, UC Davis and Yolo County. They provided the initial investment, staff and vision for the framework and direction of this initiative.

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