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The Founders are the organizations that started Hate-Free Together, initially building upon the great work and collaboration from Healthy  Davis Together and Healthy Yolo Together. They learned that working together for community readiness, crisis response and local investment resonates and leads to better results. The three founders are UC Davis, the City of Davis and Yolo County. 

Hate-Free Together started in November of 2022 with a joint resolution during the 2x2x2 meeting between the three agencies. The purpose of Hate-Free Together is to provide resources, support and opportunities for action in the community and by agencies and organizations to help condemn hate, create safety and cultivate change. 

The Founders provided the initial investment, almost $100,000, and staff to build a framework, a website and a vision and goal for moving forward. The City of Davis also went after and was awarded a $300,000 grant by the California Arts Council to help initiate the Hate-Free Together community listening sessions by using civic practice and local artists. You can read more about the $300,000 grant by clicking here.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of staff from the Founders as well as Partner agencies that came in early in Davis. The Executive Committee started with three people and has now grown to a team of at least seven, that include the three founding agencies as well as Davis Joint Unified School District and Yolo County Office of Education. The Executive Committee helps with day-to-day decision making, relaying information through their agency leadership and many of the administrative and logistical tasks, including joint statements, changes to the website, marketing and more. They also lead and liaise with all Partners, Collaborators and Allies and events, including outreach. They work on behalf of their organization with the focus of combating discrimination, inspiring acceptance and promoting inclusion in the community.

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